Wallingford-Meridian Streetcar Historic District

Historic Wallingford is pleased to share the final copy of the nomination of the Wallingford-Meridian Streetcar Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places. This nomination was considered the October 14, 2022, public hearing of the Washington State Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. The Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places officially approved the nomination on December 9, 2022. The final, signed copy of the nomination is linked below.

Learn more about National Register historic districts on the Washington Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation (DAHP) website.

This district is nominated under National Register Criteria A and C for its local significance as an intact early residential suburb of Seattle. Wallingford exhibits all the hallmarks of an early 20th century American streetcar suburb, as defined by the Historic Residential Suburbs in the United States, 1830-1960 MPS, with its narrow residential lots and clustering of older apartment buildings and small- and medium sized houses on blocks close to streetcar lines. The district contains a significant concentration of residential architectural styles and forms that were popular in the Pacific Northwest during the first decades of the 20th century. Particularly notable are the many variations of the Craftsman style, as well as the popular Colonial, Classical, and Tudor revival styles.

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This effort was sponsored, in part, by a grant from 4Culture. We wish to thank historic preservation consultants Spencer Howard and Katie Pratt with Northwest Vernacular for their guidance and expertise in developing this application.