Snapshot Wallingford

Historic Wallingford’s digital photo-collecting initiative

What is it?  We’re building a digital archive of old photos of Wallingford’s people and places, and we hope you’ll contribute your pictures. Through this initiative, we hope to enrich our programming opportunities and plan for a future illustrated publication on Wallingford history. 

How will it work? Email us at to let us know you have photographs to share. We can arrange a photo-scanning session or instruct you on how to scan and email the files. Please be prepared to tell us a little about the photograph, such as what or who is pictured. Before scanning the photograph(s), we’ll kindly ask you to fill out a brief form that gives Historic Wallingford consent to use the photo in its programming and publications, accompanied by a photo credit identifying you as contributor. In return, we’ll email you a copy of the photograph scan.

Define “old photo.” Most folks think of black-and-white photos as “old,” but we’re stretching the definition to include anything before 2010.

What kinds of photos is Historic Wallingford interested in? We’re most interested in photos of Wallingford people and places. This includes a candid family picture on the front porch of a house; a streetscape photo after a big snow; the interior of a busy Wallingford business; a picture of a community gathering; a school or class photo; etc.

What if I have an album of photos that I’d like to share? If you have many photos worth sharing, email us to set up an appointment so we can review, select, and scan the photos more efficiently.

Where can I see what others have contributed? We are so grateful for donations and love sharing them with others. Visit our Local History webpage for Snapshot Wallingford contributions.

Questions? Drop us a line: