Historic Wallingford’s video collection includes both recent videos of our events and workshops and older film footage of neighborhood people and places. All videos may be viewed on our YouTube channel. Two others are included below.

1.   Wallingford’s Craftsman Bungalows by Tyson Baty, May 2022
2.  Remodel & Restore Workshop, Sept. 21, 2019
3. Craftsman Homes in the Modern Age, Oct. 6, 2018
4. Energy Retrofitting Older Homes, Oct. 6, 2018
5. A Virtual Walk Through Wallingford, Oct. 6, 2018
6. A Preservation Primer, Oct. 6, 2018
7. An Evening with Paul Dorpat, May 18, 2018
8. Historic Wallingford’s Kickoff Event, Jan. 6, 2018

A History of Wallingford (1980s)
Here is a a wonderful video overview of Wallingford that was made in the 1980s by the then-board of the Wallingford Community Council (WCC) – Mary Turner, Reg Hearn, and Vince Lyons. In the 2000s, it was edited converted to DVD format by Karen Buschow and Tom Veith.  In 2018, the WCC gave permission to Historic Wallingford to share the video.

Dorpat’s Wallingford Walks

The video below is the result of a years-long effort of Paul Dorpat’s to collect photographs of the neighborhood. The photos are presented as animations, a process Paul discussed with Wallyhood in 2009.

Key chapters within the video above:
A. Meridian Park Panorama
B. Good Shepherd from parking lot
C. Guild Theatre Marquee
D. Cherry Trees at SE corner of Corliss & 46th
E. Cloud Bank
F. Metal Birch Sculpture
G. Good Shepherd Pergola
H. Moving St. Francis
I. Wallingford QFC Front Door
J. Skyline from 45th:
K. Al’s Bar:
L. Cherry Ceramic:
M. Farm House: