This is a new site and is currently under active development as of November, 2017.

Wallingford is a neighborhood with a rich, interesting, and diverse history. Today, it has matured into a wonderful neighborhood with valued residential and commercial presences. Through the activities of the new Historic Wallingford organization, we wish to share our community’s history with all residents of Seattle and beyond. The value of knowing our historic past and stories about those who shared our neighborhood in the past, will enhance the lives of people today and tomorrow. Elementary, middle, and high school students will benefit from a sense of identity through the identification of a shared past.

Historic Wallingford intends to raise awareness of the significant cultural value offered to current and future residents of Seattle, as well as tourists, by the historic homes, commercial buildings, and institutions in Wallingford.
By increasing the awareness and interest in the historic character of Wallingford, our intention is to serve all people of Seattle, visitors to Wallingford, visitors to our website, and to those who live and work within Wallingford.

Historic Wallingford is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. The purpose of the organization is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the human, environmental and architectural heritage of the Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle through education, publications, assistance to property owners, collection of oral histories, written and photographic ephemera, objects, landmarks, landscapes and structures.

We want to raise awareness among current and future Seattleites, tourists and our website visitors about the significant cultural value offered by the stories of the generations of people, historic homes, past and present commercial buildings, and institutions of Wallingford.

Additionally, we will offer opportunities for community engagement via online tools, in-person activities like talks, guided and self-guided tours, and an ongoing/periodic “Craftsman-Bungalow Fair”.

We want to create some excitement about the wonderful place called Wallingford!