Historic Wallingford is an all-volunteer organization, and for 2022 activities, we are seeking team members to work on another neighborhood treasure hunt activity and to develop self-guided tours highlighting the history, art, and architecture of Wallingford. Contact us if youre interested at info@historicwallingford.org.


[Posted 2020]

Our historic district committee is always in need of volunteers. Their work builds on our historic district feasibility study, completed in late 2019. Our project volunteer needs are outlined below. Email us at info@historicwallingford.org to inquire.

Volunteer Manager or co-managers
Work with HW leaders to recruit volunteers for Communications Committee, Research, Public Outreach and Fund Raising Teams. Communicate with volunteers and other project leaders.

Communications Manager or co-managers
Lead small Communications Committee to develop communications plan. Review news releases, info for the website, and social media developed by committee. Organize production of flyers for leafleting.  Organize distribution of messages regarding meetings, training meetings, salons, etc.

Research Co-Managers and Research Team (12 to 15 people)
In partnership with a professional consultant, develop a Research Plan that helps organize and train Research Team to review sources and record data in our files. Types of research and sources include:

— Street Survey (to be entered into a Excel form now being developed)
— Census Info
— Polk Directories (some digitized)
— City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Survey database
— Puget Sound Archives (when opened)
— Bungalow Magazine (digitally available)
— Veith’s A Preliminary Sketch of Wallingford’s History
— 1970s-era Nyberg and Steinbrueck files at Historic Seattle
— And, at a later time, cultural research, including Seattle Star and Seattle Times archives, local churches, identified property owners, builders and individuals, transportation, businesses and significant structures

Public Outreach Team (1 to 3 people)
Working with the Communication Manager, plan and carry out community Zoom informational meetings, virtual salons to explain the plan and purpose for the National Register Historic District Nomination. Recruit neighbors in the designated area to invite friends and neighbors to participate in the Zoom meetings.

Photographer (1 to 2 people)
Working as a part of the Research Team, take photographs of historic district streetscapes and identified buildings. (Likely to be done after leaves fall from the trees.)

Fund Raising Team (1 to 3 people)
With support from a professional fundraiser, develop a plan and organize outreach to members and residents to contribute to support the application process. Determine what sort of outreach will be feasible and practical in the current public health environment. Working with Volunteer Manager, prepare teams to engage our neighbors. Working with the Communications Manager develop materials to support the fund raising effort. Keep an eye out for grant application opportunities.

Email us at info@historicwallingford.org to inquire.