Historic Wallingford is an all-volunteer organization, and we rely on volunteers to make things happen!  We’re busy and looking for assistance with:

  • video editing (see the posting below for details);
  • historical research (in censuses, city directories, newspapers, maps, etc.);
  • researching and tracking potential demolitions and redevelopment in Wallingford;
  • writing and compiling content for our website, newsletter, and social media;
  • developing and maintaining social media profiles;
  • advertising and promotion;
  • and coordinating volunteers and membership.

Email us at info@historicwallingford.org to inquire!

Video Editor Needed (posted 10/13/2019)

Historic Wallingford’s (HW) video committee is looking for additional members. Julie Martin and Carl Slater are a two-person committee that produces videos of HW events to be viewed later by those who could not attend the event. Those seeking information for preservation and renovation projects or about Wallingford history and architecture can view the videos can through the HW website. Also, each video of an HW event becomes part of the history of Wallingford.

They begin by filming the event speaker’s presentation and audience questions. They edit the material, which involves adding a title and context information at the beginning and more detailed information about the speaker(s) and the event.

Speakers often use PowerPoint or other projected presentation materials, and in some cases the direct shoot of the speaker and screen are adequate for future views. However, if one or more slides are hard to read, overlays are made of the original slide that fill the whole screen as the speaker continues to talk. They produce very useable records of the respective presentations and programs.

Julie uses PC video editing software, and Carl uses Mac software. Producing the videos is time consuming, which is why another volunteer is needed. Also, there is need for establishing a good online library of the material. This is particularly important with regard to information programs on renovation and restoration for Wallingford homeowners. Perhaps someday we can live stream an event.

Our video committee would be well served to have another few volunteers with talents in video editing and websites. However, no experience is necessary, and all that is required is an interest in video. We have a good Sony camera but today’s iPhone/Smart Phones are more than adequate for our uses. Julie and Carl are happy to share all they do.

If you are interested or have any questions, email us at info@historicwallingford.org.