That’s a wrap!

The Wallingford Local broadcast its fifth and final live radio broadcast of the season from a soggy Meridian Park Wednesday. The show featured Ben Chandler of the Seattle Farmers Market Association; Sarah and Johnny Courtney of the restaurant Atoma, opening in November in Wallingford; Alex Halmi of Cafe Lolo, purveyors of small-batch pasta (one of two “Vendors of The Week of The Month”); farmers market employee Marina with a pair of fiddle tunes; Colleen Kurke, organizer of a Wallingford clean-up on October 14; Robin Mallory of Vashon Garlic (second of two “Vendors of The Week of The Month”); Sarah Martin of Historic Wallingford; and The Wallingford Local‘s infamous Trivia Challenge.

Produced and hosted by Feliks Banel with production and technical assistance from Laura Scott and additional production support from Rhonda Bush and Sarah Martin. Special thanks to Eric Zappa, Mark Patterson and Mitch Etter of SPACE 101.1 FM . Thanks to all who made this season a success!

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