Wallingford Walks by Paul Dorpat

Key chapters within the video above:

  1. Meridian Park Panorama https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=180 
  2. Good Shepherd from parking lot https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=338 
  3. Guild Theatre Marquee https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=404 
  4. Cherry Trees at SE corner of Corliss & 46th https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=571  
  5. Cloud Bank https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=820  
  6. Metal Birch Sculpture https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=959  
  7. Good Shepherd Pergola https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=1596  
  8. Moving St. Francis  https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=1297  
  9. Wallingford QFC Front Door https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=1171  
  10. Skyline from 45th: https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=20
  11. Al’s Bar: https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=298
  12. Cherry Ceramic: https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=695
  13. Farm House: https://youtu.be/kxH2Ftdqsp0?t=870