An Evening with Paul Dorpat

Historic Wallingford hosted an Evening with Paul Dorpat on May 18. Paul is the author of many richly illustrated books including Seattle, Now & Then; Seattle Waterfront: An Illustrated History; and Washington, Then & Now; and has been writing the Now & Then column for the Pacific NW magazine for more than three decades. He is one of three founders of and, in 2001, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild. Read his blog at

To view a video of the event, visit this link An Evening with Paul Dorpat

Wallingford History & Its People

Here is a a wonderful video overview of Wallingford that was made in the 1980s by the then-board of the Wallingford Community Council (WCC) – Mary Turner, Reg Hearn, and Vince Lyons.

In the 2000s, it was edited converted to DVD format by Karen Buschow and Tom Veith.  In 2018, the WCC gave permission to Historic Wallingford to share the video.



February News & Launch Event Summary

We are eager to touch base with you and bring you up to date on the recent activity of Historic Wallingford.

The official launch of Historic Wallingford was held on Saturday, January 6th at The Good Shepherd Center.  It was attended by over 140 people who came to learn of our new organization’s mission and future activities. With a turn out that was over triple of what we had actual RSVPs for, we felt that our launch event was a huge success and we are thrilled to see the interest in Historic Wallingford. Thank you to all who attended and who share our enthusiasm for this great neighborhood. Your support and well wishes are inspiring.

There is an online video recording of our launch event stored here thanks to our very own Carl Slater.  The slide deck from the presentation is hosted here.  Both are also viewable at the bottom of this page.

The crowd was welcomed by Rhonda Bush, president of Historic Wallingford. Rhonda explained that the organization wishes to share Wallingford’s extensive history to increase the awareness of the significant cultural value found in this historic neighborhood. The knowledge of its historic past as well as the stories of the people who lived in our neighborhood, will enhance the lives of people today and tomorrow.

Rhonda explained that Historic Wallingford will pursue three areas of focus:

  • To Educate – Foster a greater awareness of Wallingford history.
  • To Celebrate – Share with and promote Wallingford while having fun and cherishing this special place
  • To Advocate – Collect information regarding the history of Wallingford and promote stewardship for this historic community.

Rhonda explained the historic fabric of Wallingford is anchored by seven large structures that are designated landmarks.

Four are even listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

  • Fire and Police Station on 45th and Densmore – 1913
  • Home of the Good Shepherd – 1906
  • Gas Works Park–1973
  • Interlake Public School—now the Wallingford Center 1904/1908
  • And parts of three school buildings have received local designation through the City of Seattle Landmark Preservation Program.
  • Hamilton Middle School – 1927
  • Latona School –now the John Stanford School- 1906
  • Lincoln High School – 1906

Other historic, familiar and comforting locations were also noted including Irwin’s Coffee Shop, Dick’s Drive -In, Swanson’s Shoe Repair, Blue Star Cafe and Pub and the Guild Theatre. Take a stroll through Wallingford and you’ll spot much more.

Wallingford offers a variety of historic architecture in residential stock and is home to one of the largest Craftsman Bungalow residential neighborhoods in the city.  Tom Veith described some of the varied architecture seen in Wallingford.

Several information stations were set up to offer the opportunity to visit with Historic Wallingford Board members. At these informational tables we explained some projects coming up from Historic Wallingford (Mike Ruby and Carl Slater), showcased (Kim England), shared information about our website, (Matt Hallett), and offered our beautiful logo designed by Heidi Favour as prints or yard sign and memberships in Historic Wallingford.(Pam Singer and Rhonda Bush). Sharon Scherer worked to direct the flow of people as we rapidly filled the room.  Historians Thomas Veith and Paul Dorpat, were also available to chat with.

A fabulous HOT CHOCOLATE BAR offering refreshments was supplied by Jessica at Neighborhood Grills. 

Most of the attendees at the event were from Wallingford, but several came from other neighborhoods; Queen Anne, Ravenna, Phinney and Ballard. Many of those were former Wallingford residents, often as children. This gives testament to the interest Seattleites have in learning about the history of our great city.

One Wallingford resident in attendance said that it was “really refreshing to finally attend a community meeting that was fun, educational. and stress-free” and that she was looking forward to attending future events.  We all look forward to an exciting and “historic” 2018 and beyond with this exciting new community initiative.

Again thanks to all our members and attendees-it was a wonderful event!!

Upcoming Events Historic Wallingford has initially planned four events for 2018. Admission will be free for members. Dates, location and time will be coming soon.

  • February – Organized by the The Wallingford Senior Community Center, Historian, teacher, and writer David Buerge will read from and discuss his latest book, the first thorough historical account of Chief Seattle and his times. Friday, 2/16 from 1 to 2:00.  Register online at the Wallingford Senior Community Center.

    Chief Seattle and the Town That Took His Name
    Chief Seattle and the Town That Took His Name
  • March – Wallingford History Program-Thomas Veith, Architectural historian and author. Stay tuned for future event registration information on this event page.  Details are still being coordinated and we’ll email the mailing list when things are finalized.   (TBD on timing)
  • June – Wallingford History Program-Paul Dorpat historian, author and Seattle Times contributor. (TBD on timing)
  • August – Celebrate Historic Wallingford Potluck Picnic. (TBD on timing)
  • October – Bungalow/Craftsman Fair at the Good Shepherd Center. (TBD on timing)

Other Happenings;

  • Our website is still under active construction. Please give us your feedback, insight, and contributions at
  • The folks who organize the annual Wallingford parade in July are looking for reminiscences of your past experiences as participants or observers of the parade. Can you write a paragraph or two about the costume you wore, the pet you pulled in your wagon or how much you enjoyed seeing your kids in the parade in years past? Send your contribution to this “oral history” effort to
  • Volunteers Many have indicated their interest in volunteering, don’t worry we will contact you soon!.  Our most urgent needs are for volunteers regarding web development and IT support, event planning and implementation, fundraising and PR. Let us know your interest at
  • Contribute information, stories and photos. We invite participation as we start to archive more information about Wallingford.  Contact us at if you have something to share.
  • JOIN US, Spread the word, encourage membership, and celebrate our Historic Wallingford!!

Thank you,

Historic Wallingford

Event Slide Deck Presentation:

Event Video Recording:


Launch Event!

After more than a year of planning and assessing interest, we are proud to announce the formation of a new neighborhood organization, HistoricWallingford.

We, the “Historic Wallingford” board, invite you to join us Saturday, January 6, as we share our story and vision for the future of the organization – a vision of fostering a greater understanding of our collective history and architecture through storytelling, programming, and events that will bring neighbors together.  Let’s recognize Wallingford for what it is – a special place and a Seattle treasure!

Learn more on the launch event page!

Hello Wallingford!

Welcome to Historic Wallingford.  Our website ( was just created in September of 2017 and we have a long ways to go.  If you see empty pages or incomplete content, it is just because we are under active development.  Please excuse issues you may see.

Feel free to reach out with comments and suggestions at any time using our contact us form!